Admiral, who became synonymous for entertainment, marks one decade of successful business on Republic of Srpska market. In the last 10 years, we have opened 20 superbly equipped clubs for all the game of chance enthusiasts, and before the end of 2019 we have rejoiced our faithful players in Brčko district.

The proof that innovation is not just an empty word, but our business imperative, is the fact that in addition to opening a club for the residents of Brčko, we also offered a completely new concept of entertainment – Admiral café. A leading position in the gaming industry was not just a goal, but a natural sequence driven by the dedication and hard work of all our employees to improve the game every day, offer more and better and thus create a unique, so far unprecedented entertainment center.

In the decade behind us, while  working in the local economic and social community, we have not forgotten those who need our help. Alongside with the Novomatic Group, through donations, we participated in the activities of recovery and rehabilitation after the floods in 2014. The Red Cross, an organization that is institutionally focused on marginalized groups, has been another partner of our donor activities for years, globally as well as locally. Our socially responsible activities in the previous 10 years also had a development goal, as evidenced by the project “New Name, aimed at providing both financial and advisory support to young talents in the field of sports, culture, science and art. But we do not want to stop there nor will we stop there! Second decade we started, how other than supportin „1000 for the future“ (link), so that together, we can overcome the emerging epidemiological challenges as easily as possible.

Admiral, second name for top level gaming and a brand that has tirelessly taken the entertainment to a new level in the past 10 years by implementing the latest technological advances, is join us in the years to come.

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