Aleksandar Novaković, member of athletic club “Borac” from Banja Luka, was named the best senior athlete in Republic of Srpska in 2019. Just a reminder, thanks to the project Novo Ime, Aleksandar was supported by Novomatic and RSA Gaming, who provided new equipment and funding for competitions.
The ceremony, organized by Republic of Srpska Athletics Association, held as part of “Evening of Athletics” on December 20th in Doboj, where Mladena Petrušić from athletic club “Glasinac” form Sokolac stood next to him.“Honestly, I was secretly hoping for this award, since this year I competed on a top level and broke Republic of Srpska record from 2003”, said Novaković who’s club was also named the best in this year.

Novaković became the best shot-putter in Republic of Srpska and one of the most promising athletes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by throwing a record-setting 19,63 meters. His dream is the Olympic Games in Tokyo, but also the European Championship in Paris, also held next year. He is now dedicated to the preparations for the 2020 competition season and getting towards the Olympic norm of 20.50 meters.

This season, as well as the last one, Novomatic is a great support, which definitely helped me to achieve good results”, he pointed out. This talented athlete is currently training hard and hopes for even better results in January, for the first indoor competitions.

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