Football club  “Ljubić”, a collective with more than 7 decades of tradition, has always represented a gathering point for football talents in Prnjavor, and beyond. They are especially dedicated to younger categories, that proved to develop into serious and excellent players, with the help of veteran players. Inspired by their football youth school and their youth work, Admiral and RSA Gaming donated 5000 KM, and once again, supported the local community and the future of our children.

“For 10 years, that Admiral is present on Republic of Srpska market, we have shown on many occasions our socially responsible business orientation, which was again this time our main goal.  Aware of the fact that by supporting sport we give direct support to society as a whole, we believe that this donation will be just one of the ways we will continue to support young people whose talents are worthy of attention”, said Nenad Đedović, director of RSA Gaming.

The donation is intended for the purchase of new floodlights for „Siniša Peulić“ stadium, which will provide better training and matches conditions for all, but especially the students of the School of Football for young categories, who train in this club. “Our school helps children to learn, socialize, travel, compete and master football skills. With this donation, the whole process will be improved. With better conditions, children will be able to progress much faster and realize their potentials and sports dreams more easily, “said Bojan Simić, manager and coach at the FC” Ljubić “Football School.

The above mentioned football club, currently competing in the Second League of Republika Srpska, is just one of the teams supported by Admiral, thus creating a fertile ground for the success of some new, young sports hopes of our region.

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